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Skinny Watermelon Moonshine Recipe (Costs Only 25¢)

Do not miss this YUMMY Skinny Watermelon Moonshine Recipe, that costs only 25¢!! You don’t even need Everclear to make it. It’s easy and fast and low-cal!

Skinny Watermelon Moonshine Recipe (Costs Only 25¢) 

This Homemade Skinny Watermelon Moonshine Recipe is SO easy and quick! And Tasty??  It will be your new favorite beverage!

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Unlike most moonshine recipes you find online, this Moon Shine recipe does not call for Moonshine!!  I mean, who has moonshine laying around? LOL! Not me! Okay, some people might. Especially since the TV Show Moonshiners on Discovery Channel has gained popularity. So, if you do have moonshine, you can use it in place of the alcohol in this Moonshine recipe. But if you’re like me, you probably do not have moonshine in stock. No worries, you can still make this!

This is a very basic recipe. Feel free to get creative with it! Using watermelon vodka and Malibu rum (coconut flavor) really enhances the flavor. Obviously, if you don’t use watermelon vodka it’s not going to taste like watermelon moonshine! It will be more like hard lemonade (which is also super good! I love me some Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and love that this cost so much less!)

Price breakdown: 

  • A 1 liter bottle of watermelon vodka and coconut rum will cost between $15 – $20, depending on brand and your location. If you get the super cheap stuff, it might be as low as $10 per bottle.  For argument’s sake, let’s say you get the good stuff for $18 each, which makes it about $0.80 per 1 oz shot.  This drink calls for 2 shots, so getting “the good stuff” liquor will run around $1.60. (This could be as low as $0.88 for 2 shots if you get no-name stuff.)
  • Now for the lemonade. You can make any type of pink lemonade. I prefer Crystal Light or True Lemon because it makes this a skinny drink recipe. If you want to make the pink lemonade in 2-quart batches, you can pour in to fill the glass as you’re mixing each drink. Walmart has Crystal Light Pink Lemonade, SIX – 2-quart packs for $2.68.  That’s about $0.44 per 2-quart pack, 22¢ per quart. You’ll use just about 1/2 quart due to ice and other ingredients. So, your Crystal light will cost about 11¢ (half-quart).  Or, you can use other single-serve drink mix pack. I found Wyler’s Light Pink Lemonade (sugar free, 5 calories per serving) at Walmart, 8 packs in a box, for $0.80. Basically, if they’re under 11¢ each, they’ll cost the same as the 2-quart packs of Crystal Light. Kool-Aid could be an even cheaper option, at between 5 -10¢ per 2-quarts (adding a cup of sugar will add about 15¢). At any rate, let’s figure the drink mix at 11¢. 😉
  • Ice and water are basically free.
  • That means you’re making a whole quart (I’m using a quart jar) for about $1.71. A quart is 32 ounces, so that’s like FOUR glasses (it’s a big drink!) So, a glass of Watermelon Moonshine costs as low as 25¢ (or 43¢ for the good stuff).

How’s that for a cheap date? 😉

Little-known fact: there are 22.5 shots in a 1 liter bottle of liquor.

This is SO yummy! You can make a big batch, or a single serving.

Note: Please enjoy responsibly. Age 21+ only (or legal drinking age in your area)

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Skinny Watermelon Moonshine Recipe (Costs Only 25¢)

  • Author: gimmie


If you’re looking for an incredibly yummy drink to cool off and relax with, look no farther than the Skinny Watermelon Moonshine shown here. Refreshing and just enough kick to help you kick back and enjoy!


  • 1 shot (1.5 ounces) Watermelon Vodka
  • 1/2 shot (.75 ounces) Triple Sec
  • 1/2 shot (.75 ounces) Malibu Coconut Rum
  • Pink Lemonade (there are a few different kinds – read more below)
  • Ice


Mix all together in a Mason jar and enjoy responsibly!


Pink lemonade: you can make lemonade from scratch using real lemons or bottled Real Lemon juice. Or, you can use drink mix to make lemonade. (I really feel the need to say something corny about life giving you lemons…) But, I prefer True Lemon drink packets because there’s no additives or bad stuff in them. And, they’re easy!

Thanks to I Save A 2 Z for the inspiration!

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